a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing


XMS eve, elionwyr & I went to see Master & Commander...which was utterly beautiful and epic. Yesterday we saw Peter Pan (wonderful! Eli says more about it here) and Haunted Mansion (pretty, but boring otherwise), and we were gonna go (along with gregortroll) tonight for mexican food and a viewing of Something's Gotta Give...but since the Troll and I have been working hard to get the loft finished (we're having a guest in a few days...makes a great excuse to finish some stuff that's been languishing), we decided to postpone 'till Sunday and keep working. Got a lot of stuff done too, it was great.

There are quite a few movies I want to see, coming up. The Day After Tomorrow looks like one I'll have to see (and fits right in with my end-times obsession of the moment), as does Hidalgo (I resisted all the other horse movies that've come out lately...but I think I'll have to break for this one), Man on Fire, the Chronicles of Riddick (though I've never seen Pitch Black), and Troy ('cause I have a hard time resisting historical epics in general - and dudes...PETER O'TOOLE! [hear that, grifyn? ya gotta go see this!]).

I hope that you're all having as fabulous a holiday/vacation time as I am!
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