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After eating, napping, and puttering about the apartment, I'm feeling much, MUCH better. So, yes, I still wonder if we're in the end times this winter, but I'm not so mired in it as I was earlier...which can only be to the good. LJ is being weird and not letting me read people's comments on stuff (no data in the document error msg). I responded to a bunch of emails I've been procrastinating about (because that's what I do, that's why), and am planning on descending on the post office on Saturday morning...which means boxing up the various gifties that I have for folks, and addressing them.

On the subject of gifties, I have NO earthly idea what to get my little brother. He's in his late 20's, he's a truck driver who lives in west Texas and likes gothish stuff...but I don't really know what gothy stuff he likes. Damn, I wish my family would catch onto the Amazon (or other, even) wishlist thing already. I have random boxes of stuff I've collected for both mom & dad...and keep coming up with a complete and total blank on lil' brudder. Hrm.
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