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bleary and very scattered post

I had one of *those* nights last night. You know...went to bed with a migraine...had restless sleep for an hour or two, dreaming about how much my head hurt and trying various dream-solutions to make it stop. Then woke up with an acidic stomach (the migraine meds sometimes do that to me) and bad dreams. Took an acid reducer & water & laid very still for awhile, 'cause movement felt vaguely pukey.

An hour later (still awake), took more acid reducer and more water. Dawn slowly happening, and I started thinking about the movie 28 Days Later (probably because I saw it yesterday on rm's movie list). I saw the movie a few months ago now...I realized this morning that I really didn't think much about it at the time, but that it was a deeply disturbing film for me to watch. One that, like Outbreak and American History X, I'm glad that I've seen, but won't willingly watch again...and will, in future, try to think about as little as possible.

Why? Because I already feel, much of the time, that our current world is a place spinning out of control with despair and hatred...and thinking about movies like that just makes me notice it more.

And no, I don't usually have such a grim view, but I've read too much news and had too little sleep the past few days. It's a weird dichotomy; feeling so personally treasured (and I'm so glad, especially after a night like that!), and so end-timesish about the world itself.

So, I never did get back to real sleep, just uneasy dozing here and there. I think perhaps I'll have some quiche, bandage my thumb (which I grated last night along with the quiche cheese), and have a nap.

Ooh, and I went shopping yesterday! Got a fantabulous bargain on some burgundy velvet, and a couple of spiffy, business-y jackets. Go me!
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