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Philcon & the weekend

I had a great time at Philcon this weekend. I'm one of those weirdos who go to cons, not for the parties, but for the programs. Last year I didn't go, because the programming didn't have anything much that interested me (not enough to pay the fees to go, anyway). This year, though, was packed full of great programs.

Saturday morning gregortroll, elionwyr and I fumbled about getting ready, then managing to get down to Reading Terminal Market for breakfast at the Down Home Diner, always a treat! Then we walked over to the con & got registered. Much fun was had by all. I'm not going to detail each bit, but suffice it to say that I didn't find much in the dealer room that I was entranced by (this is a GOOD thing, considering our budget), I attended many interesting panels (and a few not-so-interesting ones), and met some neat people. Plus, I got to hang out with pgoddess (something that happens not nearly enough)! All in all, an excellent time, and a wonderful (as always) vietnamese meal at my favorite spot (which just happens to be very close to the con).

Saturday night (or, more accurately, Sunday morning) I had trouble getting to sleep. I twitched...a lot. This is something that happens to me when I'm over-stimulated, which happens in crowds, long days and big events...the con qualified on all three counts, so it was no surprise. Had a mini-migraine around 4am (mini, meaning that I shoved the pillow into my neck just so, and when I woke again 2 hours later, it was gone). When I woke yet again around 6:30 (still twitching) I told the Troll that I'd not be getting up when the alarm went off in two hours, and to please feel free to go on to the con without me.

When I finally woke again (around 1?), I was still snuggled deliciously warmly with Troll. He'd decided that he'd rather stay home with me than venture out (d'awww...he's incredibly sweet). So we lounged about in bed for a bit, then got up. I took a nice hot soak in the tub, he made blueberry/buckwheat waffles, and scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, onions and orange bell pepper in. Delicious! I ate it all up when I got out of the tub (well, not *all* of it, really...just a healthy portion). Then we...lounged around in bed some more and decided to take a nap. When we finally woke up again, elionwyr asked if we wanted dinner, and we went downstairs to her place, and indulged in what she called a "salty chicken adventure". 'twas most yum! We zombied around with her for a bit, then came back up & watched some tv, made some coffee and invited her up for dessert (an assortment of cookies from TJ's). More tv ensued (has anyone else watched Arrested Development? It's really, really disturbed...and great good comedy fun!), as did a promise to show eli the dvd of The City of Lost Children asap, then it was back to more wonderful sleep.

Ahhh. Is good.
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