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For the past year or so, I've been using a free email system called Incamail for my online purchases, newsletters, contests and the like. They were pretty good, offering an easy way to filter out spam and spamming domains, and to route one's email into manageable segments.

Last week, they "upgraded".

I can't imagine that they've got any professionals working for them, as the upgrade was not previously announced...only a "we are down for a few hours while we upgrade" message showed up when one went to one's bookmark to check mail. This message showed up for most of a week with no update, and then went to a 404 error page.

Yesterday, I tried a new tack. Instead of using my bookmark, I went directly to www.incamail.com. Lo and behold, I got a sign in page!!

Which I couldn't sign in to.

Was gonna try it again today...but when I went to the page, I saw that there's a note (in teeny lettering, at the bottom of the page): *IE 5.0 + required

I don't use IE. I use Mozilla Firebird, because it has fewer security holes and because it tells me exactly what cookies are going on my machine. Annoyed, but wanting my mail, I reluctantly pull up an IE window, and log in.

The filtering that I spent time setting up is screwed. Worse, there isn't the option to fix it, at the moment (available soon, it says. if it's anything like the few hours upgrade, I'm not holding my breath). So I write them an email -- which is a small annoyance all it's own, because this is a purely web-based email system...and their "contact us" hyperlink was a simple mailto: tag. For those of you who don't know, a mailto: tag is designed to open your on-machine email client (outlook or groupwise or netscape or, in my case, mozilla thunderbird) and send email from there. Incamail is web-based. No connecty. I have to actually TYPE IN THEIR ADDRESS, after grabbing it out of the mailto: tag. Grrr.

But I digress.

When I clicked on "send", I was suddenly looking at the login screen again. I don't know if it sent or not; I don't know if this will happen everytime I send an email or just when I send one to them. I am thoroughly annoyed.

Can anyone recommend a GOOD, free email service, that has lots of filtering options? I b'lieve it's time for a change.

Oh, yeah...and Incamail? LAST to be eaten by Cthuhlu.
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