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The past few days...

Tuesday or Wednesday, elionwyr and I decorated the mantel of the defunct fireplace in our building's lobby. Yay! I love holiday decorations! Now I must find an evergreen wreath for the door...

Anyway, Thursday I dragged her back up here, where we (and gregortroll) watched the episode of Angel I'd missed a couple of weeks ago...graciously sent to me on tape by redhawke (yay, and thank you again!). Wow. I'll not spoil, but dayum...Wesley gets to be dark even without remembering the whole Connor thing. Love the DarkWesley. Saw the previews for the next episode, "Destiny" (which was waiting on the tivo)...and decided that Eli needed to see some more of Angel and Spike's history in relation to Drusilla before watching it...so showed her the Buffy ep "Surprise" Thursday night, then enticed her back for "Innocence" and "Passion" on Friday (the Troll was so kind as to make us all a lovely dinner while this was going on...he's seen them before), after which we watched "Destiny". Some good stuff going on there, I really like the direction the characters are going.

Yesterday the Troll and I had an amazingly productive day...we got a bunch more stuff sorted and taken to the attic, some more space cleared in the front room (which is the bedroom-to-be), and the loft cleared entirely in preparation for attaching the stairs and putting a bed up there. Exciting stuff to me, but probably pretty mundane to the folks reading this. Ah well...I'm a woman of relatively simple pleasures, as most of you have probably figured out by now. :) One small down note of the day: I twisted my stupid ankle again, and am now all bandaged up in the hopes that this doesn't cause too many more problems (about a year ago, I fell down some stairs and twisted both knee and ankle quite badly; they're taking a ridiculously long time to heal completely, as most injuries of this type do).

Plus last night I watched a couple of old Angel eps; Heroes (in which Doyle dies) and Parting Gifts (in which Wesley shows up in LA). Watching the first one made me cry, and watching the second made me amazed at Alexis Denisof's acting abilities. It's amazing to see how MUCH the original, goofy Wesley trying to be dark differs from what we've seen the past couple of seasons of him actually being dark. Wow. (elionwyr, if you've not seen these two, you should...I saved 'em for ya, just in case ::grin::)

Since I'm talking a bit about TV, I'd also like to note that Smallville continues to be quietly brilliant (specifically I'm thinking of "Perry", which was just a wonderful shout out to Superman canon). Thankfully, redhawke also sent me the Smallville ep I missed the week our cable was out...so I should be catching up with the season soon...I look forward to it.

A regretful note about Tarzan: I had high hopes for Tarzan...it's a good story in general, and it had two of my old favorites from other shows playing important roles (Mitch Pileggi from X-files played Tarzan's evil uncle, and Lucy Lawless (Xena!) played his aunt). Sadly, even these two (and the nifty fighting style developed for Tarzan himself) couldn't pull it from the clutches of terrible writing, and the show has been canceled at 8 episodes. A pity, as it could have been really good. I hate that.

And Tru Calling, the Eliza Dushku vehicle, is disappointing as well. Needless to say, Fox has picked up an additional 7 eps. Fox network is STOOPID.
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