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(format swiped from lysana, who in her turn, swiped it from cadhla)

Seven foods that I grew up with but almost never see anymore: hmmm....1-mom's biscuits & sausage gravy (which i got to fill up on in my october visit to mom), 2-chicken noodle tomato soup (one of my little brother's faves), 3-potato soup from the copper kettle restaurant, 4-sonic corn dogs 5-wheat bread & butter at the table with almost every meal (the concept seems so strange to me now) 6-real beef jerky, not the soft chemically stuff you find most places today, 7-game meat, especially venison (when i was little, we always had venison in the freezer, and often went hunting smaller game for dinner...but beef (or anything else) was harder to come by. if i never eat another piece of venison again, it will only be too soon. same for rabbit & squirrel...and don't even get me started on the terrors of turtle).

The last six movies I watched: wow...this is a hard one. lessee...amelie (with james, steanne & lionel. in philly), black hawk down and lord of the rings(with james, here), monty python & the holy grail (again in philly, but with shani added to the crew), brotherhood of the wolf (with james & little brother, here), and uh...um...hm...wow. perhaps it was jet li's kiss of the dragon (by my lonesome, here in nyc).

Five of the things on my desk: which desk, work or home? well, the home one is kinda scary, since it's currently mostly a catchall instead of a desk, so i'll go with work. 1-poem my mom wrote me about the computer i got her. 2-cafe vienna international coffee 3-the coffee-cup warmer thing my mom got me for my b'day 4-an assortment of plastic utensils 5-a broken lamp that i keep meaning to bring home & fix, but somehow keep forgetting.

The last four CDs I listened to: Dublin To Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey (compilation), Authentic Belly Dance Music (another compilation, and a very strange one at that), Massive Attack's Mezzanine, and Best O'Boingo.

The last three websites I visited: LiveJournal, Slipstream BBS (to look up a reference to post to a kendrayk's livejournal) and IMDB (or maybe half.com, i can't recall which was first).

The last two books I've read/been in the process of reading: only two!!!?? hrrmph. well, if you mean new books, then Robert Zubrin's The Case for Mars and Kim Stanley Robinson's A Short Sharp Shock. Re-reads, on the other hand, would be Laurell K. Hamilton's Obsidian Butterfly and Lois McMaster Bujold's Cordelia's Honor (which is sort of cheating, because it's two books in one. )

One line from a song: "is it in the damp heat inside of me
or is it in the fire that we collide?"
Tags: books, food/drink, memery, movies, music
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