a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

ahhhhh...much better

turns out that my previous entry, in addition to all the other reasons i thought of (plus probable low blood sugar), was likely due to a pre-migraine state. i stayed home from work wednesday, not because i was in pain, per se, but because i just could not face getting myself there. and yesterday, stayed home because being in bed just felt too good to get out of. these are not the usual states of mind for me (at least, not to the degree that i feel i have to stay home), so it was no big surprise to me that last night around 7, my head started hurting. it got progressively worse despite meds, until i finally fell asleep with a flannel shirt wrapped around my head, and my fist jammed into the juncture between neck and skull (it really helps, btw...it both helps to constrict blood flow to the brain, thereby reducing inflammation, and also has a sort of massage-effect on the tense muscles there).

i woke about 2 hours ago. still light sensitive, and i won't be going to the microsoft class i signed up for today(i was dubious about going anyway...i view microsoft much the way i view scientology, except that it's less avoidable), but my head doesn't hurt anymore!

i wonder if my boss will change her mind now, about letting me take the week off in april while my roommate's out of town? i hope not...i'm really looking forward to having the house to myself for awhile.

james will be here tonight for a weekend visit...amoung other plans, we'll be setting (or attempting to) up a network of sorts here in the apartment, so that i don't have to wait for angel to be offline to check my mail, etc. i hope it works easily. i also am just looking very forward to seeing james.
Tags: health/medical, lurve, migraine log, work
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