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A Long, Lovely Weekend

So, it's taken me until today to even get around to writing an update, but

Friday my darling and I ordered takeout and snuggled together long into the evening. After awhile, we heard elionwyr downstairs; Troll went down to help and brought her, kriya and crystalsage back up to our place to cook them dinner (my Troll makes the most marvelous scrambled eggs). We all had great conversation; it was nice to meet the two of them.

Everyone eventually left, and we snugged down to sleep. Saturday dawned, for us, at around noonish...and not long after we woke up, we got an invitation from salliesandbags (a friend of Troll's from work, who I was also happy to meet) to peruse the stuff she doesn't want to move (it seems like everyone is moving right now), and decide if we wanted to snag any of it. We gave elionwyr a ring, and made plans with her to go over later in the evening. Meanwhile. we puttered about the apartment, doing assorted Things That Needed Doing, and snuggling, and generally having a wonderful, relaxed time.

Evening came, and we all headed over to Sallie's place. We picked out an assortment of stuff (including some wonderful, sturdy shelving for the attic), and negotiated pricing...and then asked Sallie if she and her sweetie J. would like to come out with us for dinner (we had originally talked about going out for drinks, but turned out that none of us had eaten yet. Perfect!).

We headed down to my favorite, Vietnam Palace. Their new look looks more wonderful everytime we see it (they closed for a few weeks a couple of months ago for renovation; and have been slowly adding things ever since)! Their food is wonderful, the prices are amazing, and the staff is incredibly friendly and prompt. We drank, we ate, we conversed. We got the check and paid, and on the way out, realized that tonight was the night that their new chairs had arrived. After a quick conference, Troll walked back over to our waiter and asked about the old chairs (we have yet to buy table and chairs for the kitchen, and have been making do)...the waiter sent us outside (where the new chairs were being unwrapped in preparation for bringing them in) to speak to the owner...who sent us away with four of the old chairs in hand! So now, not only do we have proper kitchen chairs, but they were free, and they have many great memories attached as well! What fun!

The chairs themselves are a black laquer frame with a simple but engaging design in the back. The seats are restaurant upholstery vinyl(of the nicer sort) in a rich, deep maroon color. I think that we'll buy an IKEA unfinished table, which I will then paint maroon with black glossy legs. I can hardly wait (which reminds me, must get back to work on the step-stool ferns--have been distracted doing other things of late)! We managed to fit them into Sallie's car and headed back to her place. There, we packed other stuff into elionwyr's car, and all headed back here.

Oh, the mess we discovered back at home! Our 1st floor neighbor had finished moving out that day, and left the usual moving-out detritus with the garbage...which someone had trash-picked with wild abandon, strewing all along the side of the house. Damn, how rude! Fortunately, we were able to pick out a few nifty items for our own use, and the landlady sent someone over to do the actual cleanup.

Sunday, Troll got up, did some dishes and took some stuff up to the attic while I snoozed a bit later, then he headed back out to Sallie's to help her disassemble some stuff for moving. Not much later, he was back (he's a whiz, that Troll of mine) and we did a few more Things That Needed Doing.

I decided to make some chili (it's getting to be perfect weather for it)...but I suspect that the word of the day was Cooking Xtreme! The chili was beyond spicy (and right into deadly, actually) -- the chili powder in my spice rack was not as mild as I thought it was, by far...which just goes to show you, ALWAYS test chili powder before using it! ; the london broil I did for dinner was oversalty, and the cocoa we had later in the evening was oversweet. Some days are just like that, cooking-wise.

Still, a very productive and pleasant weekend!

Yesterday, I ended up spending much of the day in pain (still-wounded knee + moving stuff up & down stairs=ouchies), so I lounged, mostly, and snoozed, and generally got to feeling a bit better. Also worked on salvaging the chili by diluting it...1 part seasoned, dangerous blend to 4-5 parts unseasoned ingredients. It'll still be 4-alarm hot, but edible. The rest of the chili "starter" as I've taken to calling it, is now frozen for our protection later use.

We had a marvelous dinner (with elionwyr) of pork chops (seasoned lightly with fresh rosemary, garlic powder, salt & pepper), butternut squash (nukified to mushiness, mushed, and buttered) and more of the Troll's wonderful salad. During and after dinner (while Troll went to the store and then made us brownies & coffee), I completed phase one of my plan to turn elionwyr into a Stargate fan. Heh.

Today I've a list of things to do that I'm well on the way to completing, and am feeling pretty darned good (though still taking drugs for the knee). Yay!
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