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I love winter!

Though honestly, I think of the kind of weather we've been having as "true fall". It's chilly; cold enough for a jacket but not cold enough for a winter coat yet. It's blustery and windy. Dry leaves are swirling all around, and the occasional whiff of woodsmoke is in evidence as those with fireplaces start using them for the first time this season. I love, love, love this weather!

Last night, after a wonderful, blustery tour with elionwyr of South Street --for

John Varley's Demon, Wizard and Titan; Piers Anthony's With a Tangled Skein (Troll and I have decided that we want the full incarnations set, having both read and enjoyed them all); Larry Niven & Steven Barnes' California Voodoo Game (part of the Dream Park trilogy); Good Housekeeping's Illustrated Guide to Home Maintenance and Readers Digest's How to Do Just About Anything. I LOVE used bookstores.

and dinner-- and then a latish-night run to her friend Fran's to pick up some new apartment necessities, Troll & I dug out the down comforter & stuck it in it's cover. To my mind, it's still a bit too warm for that (I spent much of the night uncovered or half-covered, and the window above the bed is still open), but my energy was extremely low last night (fighting off some illness), and I felt the need for the kind of snuggly insta-warmth the down provides. This morning, I've continued to enjoy it while listening to the blustering outside...I cannot describe what a delicious feeling it is. Winter is ready to settle in, and my darling and I have our snug little space. Our heat is on, our bed is especially toasty, and the kitchen is packed with yummy food. Life is good. I feel like the ant from the Ant & the Grasshopper; very happy with my humble, unglamorous life.
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