a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

i have a papercut on my left thumb, it's getting in the way of everything of course. and my right arm & shoulder hurt, because my fingermouse broke & i've been using a regular one fo the past few days. and i'm cold, and i'm tired, i've had far too long without a good snuggle, and have no one at hand to snuggle with...and i don't want to work any more. ever.

this pessimism may be largely due to the fact that i had too little sleep last night (approximately 4 hours). my friend dale talked me into going to a cisco seminar this morning, for which i had to wake 3 hours earlier than my norm. it was fine, but all in all i'd have rather had the sleep.

my sleep, in general, was all skewed this weekend. i worked overnight on friday, slept a few hours on saturday, then got up because i had plans for a friend to come over for dinner. said friend cancelled, but then i wasn't sleepy of course...so i've just had a cranky sleep-time for a few days. the end of the week seems aeons away.

despite my recent vow to avoid all things that cause me to bloat (refined carbs, mostly), i think i need pizza.

yegads, it's only tuesday. how horrible is that?
Tags: daily life, friends, health/medical, work
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