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Ah, the weekend...

The weekend was a lovely one; winding down now in toasty warm comfort.

Friday elionwyr came over to watch the past two eps of Angel; I am left with hope that Whedon and co may not, in fact, ruin Angel in the attempt to further appeal to Buffy fans. Hope. Dinner was cheap and surprisingly good chinese food. elionwyr bedded down on one of our air mattresses in the front room, while we snoozed away in the back.

gregortroll woke elionwyr Saturday morning by insta-deflating her bed. After a bit of rambling about the apartment getting dressed, we all headed to the South Street Diner for breakfast, and spent a good chunk of the day cruising South Street itself (including a trip to the art supply store, where I got paints!). Home again for more hanging out, hot cocoa and just darn good times. I love days like that. It was quite chilly, but sunny...the nip in the air was the sort that leaves your exposed bits tingling once you get inside again. Happy bird.

Some time after elionwyr left yesterday, the Troll & I made a dinner out of assorted leftovers, and then spent the evening watching movies. Last night's selections turned out to be a Goldie Hawnfest; First Wives Club and Death Becomes Her. Both were quite fun.

Today we woke up fairly late. I played some Animal Crossing (for some reason it appeals to me much more in the fall/winter months), and then had some breakfast (leftover chicken & onion tater tots); Troll puttered about on his computer for a bit. We got the radiator key from the landlady and proceeded to air out the heating system while she turned the water on...now the apartment is toasty and warm (or rather, as toasty and warm as it's likely to get; I tend to like things a bit cool...mostly we just have enough heat on to take the edge off of the chill). A little later, we hung out with our landlady a bit, seeing the improvements she's made to the downstairs apartment and talking about her possibly renting it to elionwyr...which would be the COOLEST THING EVAR. I still don't know what she'll do, but I believe that it's a strong possibility. Troll & I came back up here, where he worked on replacing a wobbly outlet, and I started painting ferns on our IKEA step stool. I'm extremely pleased with the results so far, and look forward to finishing it up over the next few days. Mayhaps I'll even borrow a digital camera from somewhere, and post pictures of my efforts. Ah, the crafts bug is fed. Yay!

Dinner has been decreed to be more leftovers (mexican food, this time), and perhaps we'll watch another movie before bed.

Life is good. So very good.
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