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Computery Stuff

Over the past few weeks, I've been making the effort to find and install non-microsoft, non-spyware/adware, free software on my laptop to do various stuff. I've switched from AIM to Trillian, from Explorer to Mozilla Firebird, and I've actually installed an email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) for the first time in at least a couple of years (most of my email is available via webmail). My laptop came with WordPerfect 10...which loads slowly & glitches, at least under windows xp. So I downloaded and installed OpenOffice. So far, that's been the only disappointment. Unfortunately, OpenOffice loads just as slowly (though with fewer glitches). I'll probably be putting Real Alternative on soon, to take on both real audio & quicktime stuff.

I think that my next big computer project will be putting Linux Red Hat/Fedora on our newly aquired (though used) Sony Vaio. Once I get that up & running to my satisfaction, I'll probably put it on this (my primary) machine.

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