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I've been too busy to even update here; Halloween, anniversary (same day), weekend, apartment fixing, socializing and nanowrimo have all conspired to keep me from it.

  • Our Halloween/4th anniversary was lovely and delicious.

  • The weekend was quiet and productive, apartment fixing (which actually means unpacking, infrastructure-creating, cleaning and arranging) is continuing to proceed by leaps and bounds, and the place is looking fabulous.

  • Troll went off to an overnight party Saturday, which he enjoyed a great deal, and

  • Sunday we went to dinner w/D. & S (and in the process, discovered a nearby vietnamese restaurant that I was previously unaware of!). S. came back to the apartment for coffee afterwards, and it was lovely to hang out & chat with her...it's something I've not really had a chance to do much, before.

Monday, three days late, I finally decided that I'd participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I tried it last year, and was terrible at actually getting anything done. I can't say that I'm making skads more progress this year (my current word count is a whopping 102), but I feel better about it, at least. :)


  • Went grocery shopping and had dinner at the new Copabanana in University City. The food and atmosphere were about what I'd expected (not great, but not horrid, either), but our waitress was wonderful.

  • I love grocery shopping this time of year...so many free turkeys to be had!

  • The weather is lovely (cool and misty), and our cab driver on the way home was playing a gorgeous CD of indian music...which I must now track down. Well, okay...not now. Tomorrow, possibly.

Now, for an early evening, and hopefully more writing.
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