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Six Months Later

A few times a week, I pass by Engine Company #21 on my way to work (my path from Grand Central to the office varies, depending on how the traffic lights go). Since a few days after the 11th, they've had a black & purple banner hanging on the front of their building, and a small memorial from neighborhood passers-by beside their doors.

I don't know if Engine Company #21 was one of the ones nearly wiped out by the World Trade Center event, or how many members they lost, or if the display is simply one of solidarity for the FDNY in general.

You see, in 6 months time, I haven't stopped to read the messages from the neighborhood, or from the firefighters back to the public. I just can't bring myself to do it. Even seeing the banner, and the candles lined up, chokes me up & makes me all teary. If I actually stopped & read this stuff, I'd probably end up sobbing.

The city, and the country, are planning a number of events today to recognize the 6 month mark, including the Tribute of Light, to begin at dusk. I'm sure that I'll see it, but I'll be sure to avoid any news programs highlighting and replaying the events tonight.

Psychologists say that the time between 6 months and a year from the time of the original tragedy will likely be the worst time for people emotionally. I am emphatically NOT looking forward to things getting worse.

Perhaps sometime in that time span I'll actually immerse myself in the horribleness of it all, and try to work through it, again. More. Something. I guess it's somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one.
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