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Diebold Trying to Cover

(clipped from EFF newsletter)

* Students Fight E-Voting Firm with Electronic Civil Disobedience

Students at Swarthmore College this week initiated an electronic civil
disobedience action to keep providing the public with access to internal memos
written by Diebold Elections Systems, Inc. about the security failings in the
company's electronic voting system.

Under siege by critics, Diebold is invoking the controversial Digital Millennium
Copyright Act (DMCA) to force website operators and ISPs to remove the leaked
memos - which explain how anyone with access to the machines could add or delete
votes without detection - from the Internet. After receiving a cease-and-desist
notice from Diebold demanding that the documents be taken down, the students
sent out a press release announcing that they would not comply.

"The process of creating and maintaining electronic voting machines should be a
public process," said student Ivan Boothe in a press statement. "The counting
of votes should not be controlled in the back rooms of a for-profit company; it
should be a fully transparent process that is able to be checked by citizens at
every step of the way."

Diebold also sent a letter to the Online Policy Group (OPG) with similar
demands. EFF, which is representing OPG, sent Diebold a reply indicating that
OPG would not cooperate.

"What topic could be more important to our democracy than discussions about the
mechanics and legitimacy of electronic voting systems now being introduced
nationwide?" said EFF Staff Attorney Wendy Seltzer. "EFF won't stand by as
corporations like Diebold chill important online debate by churning out legal
notices to ISPs that usually just take down legitimate content rather than face
the legal risk."

Wired News article on the student protest

Student web page on the protest

EFF press release: "ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website"

Diebold's cease-and-desist letter to OPG

EFF's response to Diebold on behalf of OPG
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