a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Dear Ebay Sellers

I've been doing this whole Ebay thing for awhile now (mostly buying), and I've got a few pointers for you.

1. If you don't have a picture of your item, I probably won't buy it. It's funny...'cause it's true that I can never really know the picture is even accurate if you have one...but it just doesn't appeal to me to buy something entirely sight-unseen.

2. If your listing spends 2/3rds of it's space detailing the revenge you will take on dead-beat bidders, and especially if the description of the item itself is minimal (as is usually the case with those sellers), I'm not going to buy from you. You see, I know how to read, and I read the Ebay rules when I signed up. Yes, I know that not everyone reads them...but why cater to them? Just GIVE them bad feedback, and SEND Ebay a non-paying bidder complaint. They will either learn or be weeded out soon enough. Meanwhile, the adult, responsible bidders don't have to be turned off by your negative attitude.

3. If you don't accept Paypal, I won't buy from you. Yes, I know that people say both good and bad things about Paypal, and have had different experiences...but I've been doing Paypal almost since they started...and have never had a bad experience with them. I suspect that it has largely to do with reading and knowing the rules, and using the system accordingly. Besides, I honestly can't be bothered to find a freaking envelope and stamp to mail you a check (or ghods forbid, a freaking money order), and I refuse to pay the extra fee associated with Bidpay. You see, I'm LAZY...and I want my Ebay experience to be suffused in convenience. Don't fret though...if you don't accept Paypal, you really don't want me as a buyer anyway. Most of my business in general is done online. It's quick. It's easy. It takes minimal effort. It takes me far too long to search out envelopes, stamps, and my checkbook (which I rarely use)...neither of us will end up being happy with the transaction.

4. If you list an item with a reserve price, I probably won't bid on it. If you have an amount that you won't sell the item below, then SET THAT AS THE STARTING BID! While this is probably one of the more minor quibbles I have with sellers, it is still enough to annoy me, and cause me not to bid. It's highly aggravating to be the high bidder on an item that I still cannot get. Why Ebay even offers the reserve price option is a mystery to me.

5. If you list your item using all caps, I probably won't buy from you. It's harder to read, it's poor netiquette and it just causes me random grouchiness.

6. If you're selling an item that's available retail, and you're selling it for more than retail price, I won't buy from you. Yeah, I know that a lot of people are foolish and will...just know that I will not.

7. Keep making typos in your listings! I love finding items that no one has bid on, because they don't think to search for misspellings!

8. Finally, if you tell me that you won't leave feedback for me until I leave feedback for you, I probably won't buy from you. Feedback is not supposed to be an exchange...it's supposed to be an honest rating on how the trade went. It's not required, by either buyer or seller. As a buyer, my feedback to you is not based on whether or not you gave me feedback...it's based on how the item arrives; it's packaging, it's speed and it's condition. Aside from my personal feelings on the matter, it's technically against Ebay policy...and if I happen to feel petty enough as I'm browsing through listings, I'll report it.


A regular Ebay buyer
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