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Today (last night, actually) I decided not to take Banzai for more blood work. I can see very clearly without it that he's continuing to be in really bad shape. While he nibbles some food on his own (some days), it's not nearly enough...which means I have to force-feed him - which we both hate. He perks up somewhat immediately after he's been given fluids subcutaneously...but the duration is extremely short and the amount of perk less with each subsequent session. If I'm even a little late with his anti-nausea meds (or if, like last night, he manages to spit out the pill instead of swallowing it), he barfs, even if there's nothing in his stomach.

I'm getting the "I really don't feel good, please make it better" look on a regular basis these days. So I'm looking now (or rather, Troll and elionwyr are, since I'm kind of a mess about the whole thing) for a vet who will do an in-home euthanasia. I'd like his final bits of time not to be stressed by more car-rides & vet-visits.
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