a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Spontaneous Sunday

elionwyr called Sunday afternoon on her way back from MA. I've been saving last week's season opener of Angel for her on the Tivo, and so invited her to come for dinner & watch.

After the Troll & I finished breakfast, we retired to the living room and proceeded to lounge around on the bed and catch up online. Thus, we learned that kendrayk was free for the afternoon, and so invited him over as well.

elionwyr got here sooner than any of us expected (hurray for not-much-traffic!), and the three of us had a snack & heard all about the Spookyworld weekend, and chatted and laughed and had a grand old time in general. kendrayk wandered in about 4pm, and we chatted, goofed off and laughed some more (also learned about his mysterious happy news, heee!). Damn, I love having fun friends!

Somehow in conversation it came up that kendrayk hadn't yet seen Pirates of the Carribean...and that coincidentally, it was still showing in one of the neighborhood venues. So, we ended up watching the Angel ep, then heading down to see Pirates, then stopping for dinner at the diner (which now, finally, features 24 hour service!) for a quick dinner before dropping Ken at his train (okay, at the train *station*, actually).

Troll & I were dropped at home, where we proceeded to hang out online some more, snuggling.

Twas a lovely, unexpectedly social day! I love my honey, I love my friends, and I lovelovelove my LIFE!
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