a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
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Lazing About

Troll and I traveled hither & yon yesterday, getting some errands done about town. It was good. It's nice to have a weekend where we really had nothing particular planned. We've cooked, and cleaned, and hung out online, and read, and layed about snuggling...all for lovely uninterrupted hours at a time.

This evening we'll have a bit of company...kendrayk is stopping by this afternoon to hang out for a bit, and elionwyr is coming over to watch last week's Angel episode. I'm hoping that both will be around for dinner, which is a wonderful split-pea soup I've been slow-cooking all weekend, and some cornbread. Yum!

Meanwhile we putter, and snuggle, and just enjoy one another's company in general.

::contented sigh::
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