a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

okay, so it's been a crazy busy couple of weeks, and my updates have not been as frequent as i'd like. still, i've managed to start transferring writing ideas from various notes in notebooks to my new laptop(which i'm loving, despite the fact that it doesn't fit in my backpack!...the price i pay for the lovely BIG screen, i guess). thus far, i've transferred about a dozen story-blurbs, as well as creating a format/filing system for them. maybe now i can actually get some writing done!

in other news, i learned today that my roommate is going out of town for a week next month!!!!woohoo!!!!!! perhaps i can get that same week off, and lounge around the blessedly empty apartment. as a nice addendum to that, the weekend the roommate gets back, my friend jason has asked me to apartment/dog-sit...so i'll have a week of my own empty place in brooklyn, then a weekend with a sweet little dog in a luxury apt in manhattan. practically a vacation!

i really need to get around to the mortgage pre-approval paperwork, etc., and get my own damn house. with any luck, that & the writing will take off at the same time, and i can take the summer off of my regular job. what a dream!
Tags: daily life, friends, travel
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