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Adams Douglas

I learned today that a friend of mine died unexpectedly. He was not a close friend, nor had he been a friend for very long...but he was someone I liked and respected, and I believe that he felt the same for me.

My favorite memory of Adams is of sitting with him in the Crosby pit at a Simon's Rock reunion, drinking whiskey and talking about space exploration and colonization until near dawn. I think I learned more about the american space program and it's history in that evening than in my entire lifetime to that point. I was giddy with it; it was so nice to find someone who shared my (rather extreme) enthusiasm for space...and someone who had a huge storehouse of knowledge on the subject as well. I liked to think of him as something of a mentor to me, at least in that area.

He was older than I, and had grown up in that strange era when space was a nightly news story...and he always expected the science fiction stories of earthfolk living in space to come true in his lifetime, despite the setbacks of the past few decades. As a life-long computer geek, he had worked in several companies that were space and space-program related, and had some fascinating stories of personalities and behind-the-scenes vignettes to tell.

Adams is not the first friend in my life to die, but he is the first for whom I feel the sting of missed opportunity. Since I only got to know him fairly recently, I am sad for all the conversations we will never have on our shared interests. I will miss him, and his unique perspective on space. Mostly, though, I will miss his warmth and enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing.

Rest well, my friend.
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