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Our dsl had been blinky for about a week when we left for NYC last Thursday...when we got back, it wasn't working at all (hence, no updates from me on the trip). So Verizon has been called, and a person was SUPPOSED to be here yesterday afternoon to take a look at it...but wasn't.

Customer service was unhelpful on the phone today...they apparently don't know anything about when/where techs will be.

So, Troll set up a RAS dialup via work, and here I am...on a dialup connection for the first time in ever so long.

Oh, and my email isn't available...so if you've emailed me anytime recently and I haven't replied, it's not just my usual horrible response time at work, but technical difficulties. Feh.

I'll be writing and backdating trip updates over the next couple of days.
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