a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Awaiting FedEx

So, here I am, waiting for FedEx to arrive with my corset...once they show up, I'm off to pick up the rental car. I hope it's soon. I'm planning things to pack, but not actually doing so, and I'm feeling slightly less panicky about the trip than I did last week. Which means that I've been able to actually get some stuff done (like my long overdue trip to the post office that I made, finally, yesterday).

Since I wasn't posting at all last week, I'll sum up the details .

Last week my emotional range was all over the freaking place...and I was frequently weepy and feeling the sort of MUST-DO-STUFF panic that causes me total paralysis. I sat on the edge of the bed and twitched a lot, and had no real idea why.

So this weekend (which was mildly but persistently migrainey...some help, eh?) I finally figured it out...I'm heading back to NYC on the anniversary of the attacks. I don't think about them much anymore, and I feel stupid that it's bugging me when, all told, I really didn't have any terribly traumatic experiences relating to them. Still, I feel traumatized. And going back and being there on that particular date feels really, really weird, and honestly kinda scary.

Fortunately, I have a lot of positive factors also surrounding the trip. a)I'm going there for a fabulous, wonderful reason (seeing epilady and chestertodd tie knots in the marriage concept). b) I'll be getting some body work done with omohyoid while I'm there, which I expect to be wonderful. c)Troll and I are meeting up with my pals akmetrit and jincman for dinner & margaritas tomorrow night. d)Lots of other fun activities are in the plans for the weekend (thanks in large part to the efforts of dr_memory). e)Troll is being amazingly wonderful and supportive (as always), despite the fact that my lack of usefulness HAS to be causing extra stress for him, too. f)We have the incredibly competent and wonderful elionwyr looking after apartment and kitties while we're gone.

So really, it's all good, and I've felt loads better just since realizing what the problem *was* (I've also upped my vitamin intake, particularly B complex, which I don't doubt is also helping)...I really don't do well with vagaries (especially my own). But when I get like that, I also get really inarticulate. I can tolerate being inarticulate in general, but with an audience it really tweaks me, hence the lack of updates here.

In less emotional news, Troll (with small helping bits from me) got amazing amounts of stuff done to the apartment this weekend...it's really looking great. Really. I'm so excited about it all. One of the major things I did was finish unpacking the primary A/V equipment and setting it up in the living room/guest room/temporary sleeping quarters. Troll geeked together a nifty arrangement of cords that allows us to change inputs much more easily than before, without having to buy a switchbox. Oh, a switchbox is still on the list of needed things...but not quite so desperately now that we have a comfortable interim measure (and all color-coded, too!).

The weather here has cooled considerably, which means that I can contemplate outdoor activities again. Today is lovely and comfortable, and I've got all the windows open with gentle breezes drifting delightfully through. I really need to live somewhere that never gets much over 75 degrees...and has plenty of 'weather'. I'm thinking maybe the canadian rockies. :) Cold I can handle. Heat...not so much.

Done catching up for now. Time for me to go hover anxiously at the windows, watching for the big white truck.
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