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raaven and tv land

For many years of my life, I chose to have no television. Now I have one (two, in point of fact), but refuse to pay for cable...there's more than enough interesting stuff broadcast...if I had more choices I'd probably watch non-stop. My tivo makes it easier to watch all the weird pbs stuff i find on at odd hours.

That said, tv is a major avenue of escapism for me, and I take my escapism very seriously. Some particularly lucky individuals have seen me doing such entertaining things as hurling stuff at the screen when I'm annoyed.

My record list is, in order of prominence: Andromeda, Roswell, Angel, Buffy, Dark Angel, Stargate, Mutant X, X-files, and X-men Evolution (gee, does that make me triple X?)...plus, a whole host of other goodies.

This season has been a bad one for my favorite shows. Roswell will be ending altogether, and Andromeda has been having MAJOR problems. You see, they fired both the writer who originated the series (Robert Hewitt Wolfe) and one of the other top executive writers (Ethlie Ann Vare). As we slide into the last episodes of the season, the quality of the show is seriously reflecting the changeover.
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