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Today I woke early and alert, after about 3 days of on again/off again migraine hell. It's astonishing what a huge difference not having a knitting needle stuck through your skull can make.

Exciting stuff today...I tried the corset mock-up on one final time, pinned it yet again, defined the fabrics to be used and sent it back to Isabella the corsetmaker. I'm so nervous and excited about the whole thing. I haven't gone anywhere especially dressy for AGES...and I've never owned a corset before, and I've never had a garment custom-made (unless you count bellydance costuming...which I don't)...so it's all very nervous-making. I've chosen the shoes I'll be wearing, and I'll be absconding with a pair of the Troll's dress pants for the occasion (well, actually, it'll be permanent, as I'm having them tailored). Which reminds me...tssandwich (or anyone else who has suggestions), can you recommend a good tailor here in Philly?

I've reserved both the rental car and the hotel already...haircut is Friday...now I need to start thinking about what to pack! Yeep!

Note to gregortroll This might be a good place to order tights from...best do it ASAP to be sure they get here in time.

On a more domestic, less frantic note: I woke at oh-dark-thirty this morning to find that Banzai (my big cat) had curled himself around my left arm, and tucked his paws & nose down under my hand to sleep. Jeebee (the little one) was firmly mushed up against my right side (between me & Troll), with my arm curled 'round him, and resting his little chin on my hand. While that is quite normal for Jeebee, Banzai usually prefers to sleep down at the foot of the bed, or snugged up against the Troll's backside...so it was especially mushy & sweet. I love my kitties, they've got to be the sweetest, most snuggly kitties EVER. How I adore them!

Today's plan:

make custard
make chicken salad
re-arrange my temporary closet-space
make appointments for facial & manicure (in ny perhaps?)
catch up on some woefully out of date email
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