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Friday night I met the Troll at Vietnam Palace for dinner. I love that we've been the kind of regulars there that our server asked us (our first time there since the renovation) how we liked it, and shared the future improvements plans with us (it's lovely). Plus the food is marvelous. And cheap!

On the way home, we stopped in to an unfamiliar dollar store & got an assortment of wonderful dollar store goodies. Since the night was quite warm, and muggy, we decided to curtail our adventures for the evening, and headed home.

At home, we each took a nice, cooling, de-stickifying bath, and curled up & read for a bit before calling it an early night. It was all very peaceful and lovely.

Saturday morning we got up reasonably early (around 9) and headed off to do our shopping for the week. First, however, we stopped at the Philly Diner for breakfast (served by an incredibly beautiful man, and so all the more enjoyable). Since we were having company over for dinner, we also stopped off at the liquor store before proceeding to the Fresh Grocer (really, it was such a gorgeous day, that we probably would have made up errands if we didn't already have them).

Once home, the Troll puttered about putting up magnetic knife strips and making my wooden utensils magnetic (this was accomplished by drilling holes in the handles and attaching metal rings...not nearly as alarming as it may, at first, sound), while I headed to the back room to cool off, read, and get over a random grumpness that I was experiencing.

Dinner, both the company and the fare, was delightful. I reprised the pork chops that I recently concocted (recipe in tastytreats), steamed some baby carrots and did a (low-carb) pasta salad. Troll put together a lovely salad. We had ice cream for dessert.

Sunday dawned hotter and less pleasant than Saturday, so we stayed in and worked on the apartment. After a breakfast of tater tots (onion tater tots, would you believe? Delicious!) & turkey sausage (and scrambled eggs with cheese, and applesauce and coffee/tea), and cleaning up the dishes, we mounted a row of crates on the kitchen wall. I love hanging out & working on the house with the Troll. It's both fun and incredibly satisfying.

In fact, that's really what this post is about (as well as detailing the events of the past few days). Troll and I work so wonderfully well together, and get along so well...it boggles my mind some days. Today is one of those days, and I just have to write about it a bit.

Monday, after he got home from work, we hung out for a bit, then moved a bunch of stuff up to the attic. Today, we had dinner (quiche) and then had a frenzy of laundry away-putting and dish-doing. It was delightful. Who else could I enjoy doing such mundane chores with??

Now we're watching Superman, the movie. Troll is working on a NetLogo program and I'm writing this. We are remarkably well-matched. It must be lurv.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't be happier.
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