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Interview Me(me)

Questions courtesy of azurelunatic.

Since I know you're a listee...

Actually, I'm not...though I've considered it from time to time. Most days I haven't the time, patience or (especially) the energy for email lists. Still, cool bunch of questions, on one of my favorite subjects, thanks!

Which Bujold book is your favorite?

Memory. Though A Civil Campaign and the Cordelia's Honor set run very close 2nd places.

How'd you get hooked on/introduced to LMB's writing?

Hmm. Someone (tybalt02, I suspect) in a discussion MUSH I sometimes hangout in recommended her. I went to half.com, and ordered a thing or three...and soon had to hoover up the whole batch. I read A Civil Campaign first...how could anyone NOT be hooked after that? Not long after that, I had the chance to attend the Millenium Philcon, and was exposed to LMB (along with Esther Friesner, also a hoot) in person. She's a freaking riot.

Do you like or dislike Miles, and why?

I adore Miles. He has the kind of energy and determination that I've always envied...and the kind of luck that makes me boggle.

Which character is your favorite?

Oooh, that's a tough one. In fact, I can't choose just one. I love Bel, for it's sensitivity and stability. Aral, of course, for his pained beginnings and his sturdy adoration of his family. Cordelia, for her steadfast practicality. Ivan, for his duck & cover attitude. Gregor for his "let's see what happens" philosophy of statesmanship. Simon, in both his before & after brain-chip meltdown personas. Bothari for...well, Bothari. Taura because she's so precious.

I'm sure I could gush about plenty of the other characters, too...but I'll stop for now.

What is your favorite non-canon pairing in the fandom?

Yeep!!! There's a fandom, per se? Canon & non-canon pairings?? I had no idea.

If I think about it, I'd say that Quinn/Cordelia would be interesting, as would Simon/Aral.

Crikey. Where might I find this fandom of which you speak?

So, y'all know the drill by now...if you want me to interview you, comment. :)
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