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Interview Me(me)

Questions courtesy of camryl

1. Which six Darkover books, what's your most and least favorite of the ones you do have, and why?

The six I picked up Saturday are: City of Sorcery, Four Moons of Darkover, Towers of Darkover, Domains of Darkover, Exile's Song and The Heritage of Hastur.

I've nearly finished Four Moons, and am quite annoyed by it because the two MZB stories in it (A Man of Impulse and House Rules) are repeats. Of course, it's possible that whereever else I've read them are the repeats...but until I confirm that, I'm annoyed with this one.

Favorites are more difficult. I have an enduring fondness for Darkover Landfall...because I like the whole "exploring a new planet on limited resources" concept. The Shattered Chain and Thendara House (the Renunciates series) are also high on the list, because I identify strongly with the characters of Magda & Jaelle.

2. What do you look forward to most about living on Mars or about being able to live on Mars?

Most? Fewer people. Exploring a new planet on limited resources ranks high up there, too, though. I first caught the Mars bug after reading Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (which I highly recommend anyway, it's an incredible work)...so it's likely that what I'm looking forward to is that particular picture of Mars colonization. It was definitely one of those books that, when it was over, I was disappointed to be going home from.

3. What's the difference between being quirky and being weird, and when/how did you cross it?

The difference is one of flavor. Quirky is sort of mild, and kinda goes with everything...while weird is more extreme taste...harder to blend with others. I'm coming to terms, lately, with the fact that many of my weirdnesses just aren't that blendable. So I'd rather use the word weird, which may warn blend-preferring people off more than the word quirky does. Quirky sounds fun and entertaining. I'm not, always.

It's kinda like using the word queer as a label. It means I'm unwilling to compromise myself with words for someone else's sense of propriety. Weird isn't quite the same, as it doesn't really shock people...but it's less likely to intrigue those who are just 'curious'. Right now I'm more interested in folks who will appreciate me as I am...not as they imagine I'd be if I just was a little (or a lot) different.

As for when I crossed it, well...I'd have to say that I've always been weird, but that I periodically go through bits of time when it seems less important to me than being unscary/likeable. I'm out of that phase at the moment, and so embracing my weirdness a bit more.

4. Think of your favorite comics. What's in third place, and why?

Comics are a bit of a new interest to me...so I'm going to veer from the question a bit and answer in terms of comic book movies, which I'm far more familiar with. Third place, I guess, would have to go to Batman Returns (though 2nd & 3rd places tend to wobble back & forth for me). Superman (the Christopher Reeve version) is my all-time favorite comic book movie. It's utterly classic in a way that will just never fade for me. Blade comes in second because it's so deliciously visceral & cheesy (and underappreciated).

Michael Keaton as Batman has, for me, that sense of classic comic book style. Keaton portrays Batman as not always perfect, and very believably creates a real, sometimes-conflicted character...as the character of Catwoman was also created. Christopher Walken is, hands-down, one of my all-time favorite villains, and is perfectly over-the-top as a comic book villain.

5. What do you wist?

I wist for the financial freedom to do as I will. For a planet with far fewer people on it. For people to communicate honestly, clearly and kindly with one another as a matter of course. For people to quit trying to decide how other people should live.

I wist it real bad.

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