a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

A lovely, lazy weekend.

My weekend starts, really, when gregortroll arrives home. When he got home Friday night, we decided together that the evening would consist of dinner & TV, and early to bed (and oddly enough, we actually ended up following through on this plan!).

Saturday morning we awoke bright and early, and headed off to the Philly Diner for breakfast. After b'fast, we wandered next door to the used bookstore (where I scored no less than SIX Darkover books that I didn't have, and a John Varley, too), then to the grocery store where we did the bulk of our 2-week (paycheck cycle) grocery shopping. The trolleys were diverted this weekend, which means that instead of lugging groceries several blocks to catch a ride home, we simply stepped outside the grocery store, to the curb. Our timing Saturday was so perfect that we could see the trolley (about a block away, then) immediately on our exit. Our timing continued it's perfection, and we got the groceries and ourselves home just before the skies opened up with a lovely downpour.

Once home, we put groceries away, lounged about for awhile, then puttered about the apartment on assorted minor tasks. Dinnertime rolled around, and we fixed a lovely dish of nachos from leftovers and chips, and made some wonderful ad-hoc margaritas (1 whole fruit berry popsicle, 4 shots margarita mix and 2 shots tequila per glass). Yum! The tequila was a holiday gift from a friend of mine a couple of years ago...unopened, it had been waiting for the proper special occasion. I decided that our first margaritas in our first apartment together was that occasion. We snuggled up together, and while nibbling the assorted yummies, proceeded to watch The Three Musketeers (which I now realize I must own on DVD someday--Oliver Platt cracks me the hell up) and While you were Sleeping (which never fails to make me cry. shhh.) and got delightfully tipsy together. Fun!

Today we got up early again, had the Troll's delicious scrambled eggs & cheese for breakfast, then collectively puttered about the internet for awhile. Eventually, Troll wandered off to work on tool organization, and I lounged about online, paying bills & such, hanging with the cats. Tonight's plan is to cook some burgers, and watch some serious TV. The new Stargate episode awaits us. :)
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