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Interview Me(me)

1. You list "anarchy" as an interest. Do you actively promote anarchy or
think it is an idea worthy of being an interest? Explain. (Uh, this
question isn't anti-anarchy. I just don't get it.)

From www.m-w.com:

Main Entry: an·ar·chy
Pronunciation: 'a-n&r-kE, -"när-
Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek, from anarchos having no ruler, from an- + archos ruler -- more at ARCH-
Date: 1539
1 a : absence of government

Yes. I definitely consider it an idea worthy of interest. I grew up as something of a hillbilly child...and the detestation of government as a concept is bred into my very core. Most people use definitions 1c (a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government)and or 2b (absence of order) or simply the political hysteria of folks who dig government to define anarchy, but to me it simply means this:

NO ONE has the right to rule my life except me.

No arguments, rationalizations or excuses. NO ONE. No one has the right to tell me what to do or how to live my life. Governments exist to do precisely that.

As for how an anarchist world would work, or how to get from here to there...I don't have any great theories or ideas. I just have a strong feeling that I'd be happier there.

2. Can you explain Chaos Theory? Preferably in simple terms. :) (Another
thing I don't get.)

There's a tricky one...but I'll give it a whack:

Chaos theory is a method of observing non-linear and sometimes seemingly unrelated interconnected events in a way that shows the logical (albeit subtle, in some cases) connections. It began as an attempt (or rather, many attempts, by many different people) to predict storms and weather patterns. It's based on the idea that many systems and elements of systems are dynamic and adaptive, rather than having a necessarily set pattern of being. Chaos theory attempts to understand long-term system behavior based on these dynamic and adaptive factors, but avoids getting specifically predict-y about the little stuff.

Put simply: things are not always what they seem. Even (especially) in science that we think we understand.

A more thorough and techncial description can be found here.

3. Where in rural Missouri? I was born in Springfield and got moved to
Liberty. Now the permanent address went with the parents to Kearney.

My mother grew up in and around Weaubleau. I think her mother farmed land (originally...now she lives in Wheatland) that was taken by the Pomme de Terre dam project, back when. One aunt lived in Bates City for a long time, other relatives lived around the area. I remember (I'm cheating, looking at a list of Missouri cities & seeing what jogs the memory) Bolivar, Claycomo, Crosstimbers, Excelsior Springs, Humansville, Knobnoster, Moberly, Odessa, Springfield, Stockton, Tablerock, Van Buren, Wheatland. I went to school at Hazel Grove Elementary, and I remember fishing for spoonbill in the Sac-Osage river, feeding cheesecurls to the carp at Lake Pomme de Terre (I think that's the right lake, anyway).

Mom recently moved from Blue Springs to the Grandview/Kansas City proper area. It wouldn't surprise me if I have relatives in Kearney...it sounds familiar too.

Some of my earliest memories are from when we lived in Lowry City, and my dad worked at the Oceola cheese factory. We moved upstate later, and I did a lot of my growing up in the rural area around Lee's Summit, in Jackson County (not rural anymore). A bit later, we moved to Belton.

4. Okay, I'm a geek, and I know it. String theory?

Heh. Well, that one I'm still struggling to completely understand myself...but an excellent website to help do so is here. The little I know, fascinates me.

5. Going for a non-technical final question: Where does the bird theme
come from? It is one of the tightest themes I've seen on LJ.

Thank you!

The nickname (now use-name) Raaven is one that I've had since I was in my teens (I'm 34, now). It seemed obvious, if uncreative, as a user name for LJ. A group of college schoolmates used to call me Bird, and my long-ago friend Wendy morphed that somehow into Birdthing. The rest of the theme just grew from those bits.

Anyone want me to interview you, that didn't get into the last round? Just leave me a comment...
Anyone else want to interview me? Also, just leave me a comment.

azurelunatic, I know I owe you interview answers, but I've managed somehow to lose the questions. Help?
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