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Please Hold for an Urgent Call

Let me just start by saying: I really, really dislike talking on the phone.

I didn't used to.

I'm pretty sure that my dislike is the result of working too many jobs in which I had to talk to people on the phone. In fact, it's probably a direct result of my last job...where I answered phones all day in a room of 14 other people doing the same. With a headset, even ::shudder::. You can be certain that I've avoided putting in any applications for jobs that specify phone work as part of the duties.

Which brings me (if not anyone else) to my extreme dislike of telemarketers in general, and STUPID telemarketers in particular. And likely to the stupid public as well. 'cause you know, if the stupid public didn't respond favorably to their ploys, chances are high that the telemarketers would stop using them. Take for instance, one of their more popular tactics:

Your phone rings. You innocently answer, "hello?"

A pre-recorded voice comes on the line and asks you to hold for an urgent message.

What utter, unmitigated gall. I can absolutely guarantee you that any time a recording calls me with a so-called urgent message and asks me to hold, the message is not urgent to me.

And then there was today's call, which the answering machine got...because I often do not answer the phone (y'all are shocked, I know) when it does ring. Today's caller wasn't a computer...it was a real live person! And he even left a message:

"Please contact John Barkley at 1-800-221-8887. Again, please contact John Barkley at 1-800-221-8887".


He doesn't say who the call is for. He doesn't say what it's regarding. Doesn't even list business hours. Does he think that my curiosity will get the better of me? My inner voice will pick away at me about who John Barkley is...and it's a free phone call anyway...so why not give him a call & find out?

I'm not that curious. I DON'T CARE who the moron is who spends his time leaving inane messages. I am utterly certain that I don't want or need to talk to him.

What is so unbelievable to me is that apparently, this gimmick actually works to keep people on the line, or to get them to call.

If any of you reading this rant are in the habit of waiting for these insufferable recordings or call back the fools who leave nothing but name & number, STOP IT. This instant. You're giving them hope, and you're causing the rest of us unnecessary annoyance calls.


Norway is suffering from severe unemployment rates, and the telemarketers STILL can't get people to take their jobs.

The National "Do Not Call" Registry

Telemarketing Scum Page

US DOJ Telemarketing Fraud Page

State Do Not Call Lists
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