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The last week, in brief

This entry is as much a simple placemarker for my own reference as anything...feel free to skip it.

Last weekend the Troll headed out to the SCA's War Camp. While he was gone I got to catch up on watching some of my hoarded documentaries on the Tivo (Troll has ADD badly enough that it can be hard for him to watch them), one of which was PBS' Secrets of the Dead episode titled: Lost Vikings of Greenland. More on that in a future post. For now, let it suffice to say that I found the episode utterly fascinating.

Saturday night I went with the lovely elionwyr for dinner and to see October Project at Tin Angel. I was completely unfamiliar with their stuff before going. Actually, I had managed to download a single song...but it caught my attention well enough for me to want to go (what can I say, I'm a sucker for cello).

Let me just say, I am SO glad I went. The music itself was perfectly lovely, with beautiful (ethereal, haunting) lyrics...but the real treat was watching this group of people, and how much they obviously LOVED being where they were, doing what they were doing, with each other. The joy just rolled off of them in waves, it was marvelous.

Sunday I had just settled in for some serious puttering about when the Troll got home! So we puttered together, swapping tales of our weekends. He stayed home both Monday and Tuesday, and we spent a lovely time unpacking stuff, building cabinetry, and generally just continuing the quest to make the apartment more homey.

Wednesday I began cataloguing my print media. I finished 3 full xerox paper boxes, and I am frightened to say that that's barely scratching the surface. I'll be working more on that today.

Thursday (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) we had some wonderful friends over for delicious food and wine...I daresay a good time was had by all. Our first dinner party in the new place, a success! I made 3 kinds of quiche, we had some london broil, some rice-a-roni and some wonderful salad...and for dessert I used ratphooey's custard recipe, covered with a sauce I made with frozen blueberries, white wine, lemon juice and a wee bit of sugar, stewed for awhile together. All that and great company too! Divine!

Friday I set up the DSL & wireless, and started in on my massive backlog of email and LJ. Which I'm STILL working on. Yikes.

Saturday the Troll & I went grocery shopping as well as continuing work on the apartment. Then we watched Men in Black 2 (still loving that HBO!), which neither of us had seen yet. Yesterday (Sunday) we did more assorted puttering (I figure no one REALLY needs details like my cleaning the catbox, so fill in your own favorite puttering pastimes here), and then ventured out to see Pirates of the Carribean again. Yay! Yeah, I'll definitely be getting that on DVD when it comes out.

After we got home, we started taking measurements for my custom corset-to-be.

So, here we are, Monday again. I've sent off my measurements and requested fabric swatches, made a few posts, made the bed, read the bulk of my friends list, and taken a metric buttload (which phrase I have appropriated from cmpriest) of silly quizzes, to be posted later.

Looks like I'm off to another great week!
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