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They're baa-aaack!

I'm online again for the first time since Sunday, I think. Yeep!

So, when we moved in here, we ordered Verizon DSL. Didn't get anything from them for weeks, but 'twas no big deal...a neighbor across the street was running an open WAP. Sunday, though...or maybe it was Monday...said neighbor closed the node. Damn! Troll called Verizon, who figured out that when they'd originally shipped our equipment, they did so with no apartment number OR zip code. And so UPS sent it back, of course.

Verizon didn't, apparently, bother to check with us about the return.

In any case, we got the re-shipment yesterday (at around 5:30pm)...but I couldn't get it set up until today, as we had kendrayk, geralyn and two of our non-LJ friends (I think I'll call them Allman & Yseult) coming over for dinner. After dinner I decreed no geekery, and today I set up our wireless DSL network. Yay!

I have many, many entries to catch up on (both with the reading and with the writing), and over 90 new emails to go through...so please bear with me!
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