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today i'm going to The Bhakail Baronial Fencing Championship. this will be my first ever SCA event, and i'm dubious, curious and a little nervous. fortunately, james (who engineered the whole thing- or at least the me going to it part) and steanne will be with me, and we will form our own little trio of refuge should i find it heinous.

perhaps i should clarify. i'm not a very social individual, and i dislike crowds as well. i also have very limited patience for people being silly. you'd think that the SCA would be exactly the wrong place for me. however, there always seem to be a few people in my life (that i actually like), who are involved, so i figure it's time for me to investigate on my own.

it's a fun idea, really. the society spends it's energies re-creating and/or re-living the middle ages, which happens to be one of my favorite areas of history. i like history a lot, and the SCA is very history-focused. the biggest potential problem i see is that members & participants are also often very anal about what they think the history is. large chunks of people have taken the 'creative' out of the concept, and rely strictly on already approved handbooks & concepts. this is where we glitch...because, yeah, we have a basic idea of how society worked during most of those time periods, but we don't have a very complete idea of it...and you simply cannot say that because it didn't get written down in an approved handbook that people didn't live that way.

consider: we've people living today in ways that aren't encompassed by what gets written in history books. there are mormons (and others) in the US living polygymously...but it's fairly well hidden. we've people practicing black masses as a regular part of their lifestyle. people making unusual or unapproved lifestyle choices all over the place. chances are slim that they'll be remembered by history...but they exist. they are a part of the tapestry of life in the US in 2002.

so clearly, i have a problem with anyone saying "people in X time period lived like Y, and no other way". it's historically incorrect.

that said, i'm hoping this event will be entertaining. i've always wanted to learn how to fence, perhaps the tournament will inspire me.
Tags: community involvement, events, i hate people
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