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(snipped from a MoveOn.org alert)
(thanks, kendrayk!)

Note from me: Senator Specter can also be contacted via email: arlen_specter@specter.senate.gov -Raaven

Your Senator, Arlen Specter, will cast a key vote on Wednesday, July
23rd, on the nomination of William Pryor to a key federal Appeals
Court judgeship. Senator Specter is expected to cast the deciding
swing vote on Pryor's nomination in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Pryor has an abysmal record on civil rights and on women's private
reproductive choices -- according to NARAL, he has publicly stated
that "Roe v. Wade is an abominable decision."

He has also been implicated in a recent scandal surrounding the
fundraising practices of a group he helped found, the Republican
Attorneys General Association. For more on this, see a scathing,
recent editorial from the New York Times,

Please call Senator Specter first thing on Wednesday, at:

Senator Arlen Specter
Washington, DC: 202-224-4254
Philadelphia: 215-597-7200
Pittsburgh: 412-644-3400
Allentown: 610-434-1444
Erie: 814-453-3010
Harrisburg: 717-782-3951
Scranton: 570-346-2006

Be sure his staff members know you're a constituent. Then urge him

"Please vote AGAINST the nomination of Bill Pryor. Please help
preserve balance and integrity in America's top courts."

For some reasons to oppose Pryor, you may want to consult the links

Please let us know you're making this important call, at:


Your call could make a huge difference. Thank you.

For More information on Pryor, see:


P.P.S: Here's that New York Times editorial:

The Marketing of Political Clout


Senate hearings on President Bush's judicial nominees have stumbled
upon another slippery rock in the fetid landscape of politicians'
soliciting corporate America for big-money campaign donations.
the rock over, we have something called the Republican Attorneys
General Association, whose ranking members in at least six states -
people's lawyers, keep in mind - have been personally begging for
donations from corporate leaders in the very fields entrusted to the
public officials. Donors from banking, insurance, liquor, computers
more have ponied up hundreds of thousands of dollars for the
general's campaign fund since 1999. We are told to relax: the group
legal, and the Democrats have a parallel attorneys general group
shaking the money tree for balance.

This fresh twist came to light through one of its founders, Attorney
General William Pryor of Alabama, Mr. Bush's nominee to a federal
appeals judgeship. Mr. Pryor calls the group's rattling of the
collection box eminently defensible. But a whistle-blower has leaked
documents about the association's phone-call assignments and the
"targeting" of H.M.O. executives and the insurance industry as one of

its "natural areas." The money was funneled to the Republican
Committee, where donors were kept secret and the committee was free,
turn, to donate $100,000 to Mr. Pryor's campaign.

"Shakedown" is too inexact a word for this political babbittry. Mr.
Pryor's breezy defense of the money-raising is at least as
objectionable as, say, his strong views opposing abortion and gay
rights. He does "not want corporations to be punished," he says, and
generally takes a "market oriented" approach to state law
Market, indeed, as in seeing what the market will bear.
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