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Revised To Do List

So, instead of putting together the desk last night, we put together the big shiny kitchen rack...I never actually found either of the phones, but Troll went & bought a 'for now' phone from the dollar store...dinner was lovely...kitchen was cleaned. I have to go pick up the stupid UPS package they didn't deliver last week. Grr.

Still, yesterday was very productive, and I feel that today will be, too!

  • install answering machine

  • find palm pilot

  • find batteries for palm pilot

  • find palm software

  • install palm synch software on this machine

  • go through all of my email & saved notepad files with phone #'s & addresses in them, and enter them into the palm pilot

  • gather the goodies I'm sending to phoenixrisen in one place

  • box above for mailing tomorrow

  • clear space where the coffin-cedar chest will live

  • clear space in LV for setting up desk tonight

  • sort through the various submission instructions for the writing markets I intend to target

  • decide on a FIRST writing market to attempt, and set out an outline for same

  • call FEDEX

  • unpack kitchen stuff onto rack installed last night

  • make salsa

  • make chicken salad

  • season hunk o' meat for grilling tonight

  • make bed

  • more dishes

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