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Goals for today:

    find the telephone (actually, had the Troll buy a $store special, for now
    find the jack splitter & install
    install telephone
    Yay! House Phonage!
    install answering machine
    find palm pilot
    find batteries for palm pilot
    install palm synch software on this machine
    go through all of my email & saved notepad files with phone #'s & addresses in them, and enter them into the palm pilot
    gather the goodies I'm sending to phoenixrisen in to one place
    box above for mailing tomorrow
    finish up the washing of leftover dishes Actually, Troll did this...
    grill some chicken & make huge luscious salad for dinner 'twas yummy!
    clear space where the coffin-cedar chest will live
    clear space in LV for setting up desk tonight
    sort through the various submission instructions for the writing markets I intend to target
    decide on a FIRST writing market to attempt, and set out an outline for same
    call UPS
    call FEDEX

Whew! That's a busy day! Those last two items are both because of stupid delivery people. UPS apparently tried to deliver stuff to me last week...problem is, they didn't bother to ring the freaking doorbell. When there are 4 doorbells on a door, how hard is it to look at your delivery, and match up the address info with the LABEL on the bell? Grr. Fedex, on the other hand, may well have left a package sitting on the porch 3 weeks ago. Which means it's long-gone. Must shoot them all.
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