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When I grow up, I wanna be Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

So, it seems to be time for Raaven's 'summer happy movie time', as I've seen something like 6 movies in the last 3-4 days.

Thursday I didn't go to the Ryu Kyu Kenpo class, as I was still busy recuperating from the migraine-induced sore throat (which meant that I was on a steady diet of Advil - which helped when Tylenol did not - and probably ought not to be doing unfamiliar physical exersize while unable to feel pain). The Troll suggested that we watch movies instead. Gotta love the cable start-up special that offers free HBO (all FOURTEEN freaking channels of it!) for the first 3 months. We saw Better Off Dead, which I hadn't seen before, and Evolution, which I had. The first, I appreciated for the nostalgia, and the second is just so campy & silly that it's fun.

Friday, after assorted errand running & putting together some furniture and making rice crispy treats, we settled down to watch Highlander. What a classic. I remember that back when it first came out on cable, I saw it, Nomads, and The Navigator(which I think went straight to cable, as it was released 2 years after the other two) within just a few weeks of each other (this was back in the days that our 'cable remote control' was a keypad attached to the cable box by a length of flat satin phone cable). Seems like everyone back then was doing supernatural, artsy-ish movies. Try as I might, I've never been able to seperate these three in my memory.

Yesterday, the Troll and I met up with elionwyr for breakfast at the Down Home Diner, in Reading Terminal Market. Mmmm...what lovely food! Anyone who lives in Philly, or visits, I recommend breakfast there highly! After breakfast (which we were all late to...the Troll & I to score a porch sale deal on a HUGE - coffin sized, even - cedar chest, elionwyr due to SEPTA's seamless and timely service), we wandered about Reading Terminal, buying bits of this & that (my primary goal had been to get some raw honey - which I achieved - , but there are so many goodies there!) and just sight-seeing in general. I've been there a few times before, but I'd like to eventually know it well enough to have my bearings when I walk in. Not there yet, but certainly a step closer.

We puttered about a bit more after that, across the street to buy transit tokens, Philly's Chinatown, where I picked up some lovely chopsticks, and then K-Mart, where we found such hideousness as the Joe Boxer fuzzy pillow with dog's head. I couldn't find an online picture of it...but if you're looking for horror to keep you awake nights, get thee to the nearest K-Mart and purchase one of these beasties. They seem to come in lavender, orange, blue and green ::shudder::.

Then the lot of us hopped into a cab & headed back here to the apartment, where we munched and chatted the few hours till the time we'd picked to see Pirates of the Carribean (hence the title of this post). What a great summer movie! As I've said so many times before, Johnny Depp is, himself, a work of art...and he lent delicious verve to the action and adventure of the movie. Fun, fun, fun! I'll definitely be seeing it again before it leaves theaters! After the movie, we headed down to my favorite vietnamese restaurant...which, to my disappointment, is closed for renovation! After pondering a moment, we went across the street to Vietnam Restaurant. It's a slightly different style than what I'm used to, but was quite tasty. Still, I'll be happy when my beloved Vietnam Palace re-opens.

Today, the Troll and I slept in, and decided not to go to class today, either. I think it might behoove me to take the classes slow at first...starting with once a week and working my way up the available 3. We did some housework, ate some breakfast and watched Kiss of the Dragon. Yegads, how I adore Jet Li! So, he's not much of a writer (he wrote the story of KotD)... he's still beautiful to watch in action! Now, we're watching Spiderman while procrastinating trying to figure out how to wrestle the monster cedar chest up the stairs into the apartment. Heh. It should be very entertaining. If we've limbs energy left after that effort, we'll probably put the desk together, and put some more stuff up in the attic. Man, I love having an attic!

Another wonderful weekend! Thanks, elionwyr, for your part in it!
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