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Slow Food

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So, I was doing an assortment of web searches today, hoping to find a place in Philly that might sell fresh Yuzu (because, yes, I'm itching to try out dr_memory's Lemon-lime Wasabi Sorbet recipe, and would love to be able to make it with actual Yuzu).

And I ran across an article on the Slow Food Movement, which I'd never heard of before (and which will now be added to the interests for this group). The group was started in Italy in 1986, as a part of a protest of a McDonalds going in near the Spanish Steps in Rome. It's spread (thankfully) to a worldwide concept.

One of the premises of this group is to save foods and dishes that are 'threatened with extinction'. This seems to largely be about making local and ethnic foods and dishes more available worldwide (hence, my finding it while looking for a local source for Yuzu, I suspect). They call the project The Ark of Taste. For instance, 142 american apple varieties have just been added to the World Ark (as diffentiated from the Italian ark).

From their website:

"The aim of the Ark of Taste is to rediscover, catalogue, describe and promote almost forgotten flavors, from violino di capra to the plum tomato of Corbara, from Caciocavallo podolico to bottarga di muggine, or mullet roe, and many others still - all products in danger of extinction but still alive, and with real productive and commercial potential."

Great articles on worldwide food in relation to this movement can be found here.

How freaking cool is that???
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