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Fun New Thing

So, last night, gregortroll and I went to a meeting of the UPenn Ryu Kyu Kenpo Club, for the first time in what I suspect will be many times to come. I found it utterly fascinating. After a solid 2 hours of learning & working, the class broke up...though many stayed to watch some of the instructors sparring. More info on Ryu Kyu Kenpo. I think I'll really like this class a LOT.

I was hungry, so Troll & I headed out to a little bar/grill place where several club members were going to be meeting up. It was great good fun, though I spent far too long in un-air-conditioned space and drank a little too much...which probably contributed to the early hours migraine I was slammed by this morning. I suspect, though, that the early morning thunderstorms that rolled through the area are mostly to blame.

I'm not having the usual migraine hangover today...but I have instead a very painful and raw sore throat, courtesy of this morning's migraine-related activities.

So, sometime before 6 this morning, I crawled out of bed heading for the bathroom. I'd been lying awake for a few hours already, trying my usual technique of placing a rolled towel under my head (this restricts blood flow to the back of my head, which, oddly enough, very often helps) to ease the migraine - to no effect. I woke up the Troll, and in lovershortspeak, let him know that a) I had a migraine, b) I was headed to the bathroom & might not be back for awhile, and c) I might well need help before all was said and done.

Thankfully, he was awake enough to come with me. As soon as I hit the slightly warmer air of the hallway, I knew I had to make a dash for it. Made it to the tub to barf, as it's slightly closer than the toilet...and felt very smug to not have lost it on the carpet. This smugness was not to last. I puked & puked, and before long had to move away from the tub to other fixtures (including a portable bin on my lap for the continual heaving of bile), as...well...all orifices (orificii? heh) were in purge mode all of a sudden. This happens sometimes with migraines, I dunno why. It's not pretty. It is, in fact, a horrific vicious cycle...because the puking makes the head hurt worse...which makes the puking worse...etc. As a lovely little by-product this go-round, I was sweating profusely, despite the ~72 temp in the apartment. As in, sitting there, sweat dripping down my arms & legs, my hair soaked with sweat. I didn't sweat that much in class.

Before long, exhaustion started to set in. Have you even been so physically wrecked that sitting on the toilet is a monumental effort? Try an hour or so of almost-dry heaving with a migraine. Finally, things started to calm down a bit and I was able to move off the toilet onto the floor. Ah, horizontal goodness. I took the puke bin with me, though. Good thing, as I needed it repeatedly. After about another 45 minutes of that, I finally started to cool down. Troll grabbed a sheet to put over me (because I'd started to chill, but wasn't sure enough of either my head or my stomach to move yet). Sheet on, ahh. 2 minutes later, bursting into sweat again and flinging the sheet away. 5 minutes later, chills and gooseflesh. Repeat. Rinse. Fall asleep on the bathroom floor, and finally wake up feeling capable of walking back to bed.

Decided that I desperately needed a shower first, so took care of that...snarfed a piece of toast Troll made for me...and finally fell, exhausted back to bed.

Just in time for the Troll to have to get up & leave.

Damn, I hate migraines.
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