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Overall, a great weekend!

Well, despite a fairly major migraine last night

I realized this morning, that I've not had so major a migraine in quite some time. I know, because my entire body aches today...presumably as a result of musclular tension that doesn't normally get that intense.

, and that horrible article I read this morning (see previous post), I've had a lovely weekend.

The weather has been within tolerable limits for outside activity, so yesterday the Troll & I went to a BBQ at the home of friends. As I said, aside from the migraine (which caused us to leave earlier than we might otherwise), I had a perfectly lovely time. Good people

I met several people I'd only heard of, previously...and a good number more that were entirely new. I even liked many of them (not my usual response to people)! There's a good chance that through last night's socializing, I may start taking a non-traditional martial arts/self-defense class a few times a week. I'm very excited about the idea!

, good food (I think it's a rule, with grilled food. Even not-so-great food is delicious, grilled. Always good!), good weather. Good, good, good.

Though much of today has been gobbled up by migraine hangover, I'm feeling that the weekend has been an accomplished one. Troll got some of the ex-house repair work done yesterday, we've been able to shuffle some boxes & whatnot around into a better arrangement here in the apartment, and we've managed some cleaning as well. Plus a little welcome fun! All good.

I hope that you all have had as good a weekend as mine. :)
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