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Making Home

It's been quite a while since I last wrote a real update, and so, this one will be long. I'll cut-tag somewhere along the way.

Perhaps it's best to begin with a list of highlights (or in some cases, lowlights. Notable incidents, in any case). Clearly, a good place to put in the cut-tags, too.

    We started moving, officially, the 26th of June. It was a Thursday, and dawned ridiculously hot & humid here in Philly. Heat warnings, etc. Feh. Boy, was I glad we were having the movers do most of the work.

    The movers were incredible; I simply cannot recommend them enough. They were professional, courteous, knowledgeable, fast and pleasant. I never dreamed that things could go so smoothly. Serge, our lead mover (sadly, I've already forgotten the names of the other two guys), came in, looked around in pleased surprise (we had organized and color-coded all of our items, labeled the fragile, the heavy, etc. very clearly. Apparently, movers aren't used to that), asked a few questions for clarification, and they got started. gregortroll wrote a much fresher account of the day; I will sum up with these points:

    -One mover had heat stroke (yes, it was that hot).
    -I will never, EVER move my own stuff again. I have spent many hours praising the fact that I live in a world where one can pay people some money, and they will take over such onerous jobs.
    -Next time, however, I will be more prepared, so that the movers can move EVERYTHING. Hell, I may even have them pack. It has taken the Troll & me much longer to finish up than we had anticipated...and it's been horrible.
    -They told us we're in their Top Five customer list! How cool is that!? It's so nice to be appreciated.

    My oldest cat, Banzai, had been losing weight steadily over the past weeks. Since he often responds to my emotional state, I figured that once the move was complete, everything would be cool. Days after the major part of the move was complete, however, he was looking downright skeletal, and vomiting nearly every day. This was/is terrifying to me. He's old, I know...and he won't be around forever. But he seemed fine otherwise, and trying to afford a vet so soon after moving expenses...well, it would have been very difficult. I studies the problem, and came to the conclusion that either a) the issue is hairball-related or b) he's having difficulty digesting hard food. I've been feeding him hairball remedy daily, and feeding him an assortment of soft foods otherwise. I'm going to call my diagnoses tentatively correct; he's gaining weight again and not vomiting, and I am utterly relieved.

    Banzai handled the move itself okay...he's an old hand at this, and is probably just thrilled that this move didn't involve an airplane. Jeebee, the younger one, though...he's never been moved before. He was a stray at the C. street house when I took him in, and this was all entirely new to him. The first few days he spent shadowing me from room to room. I went to the kitchen, so did he. I went to the toilet, he curled up under it till I was done. I went to the door, he'd go with me, and be waiting when I came back (I hope he didn't stay there the whole time I was gone, but who knows? Poor little guy). He has, however, settled in nicely. Now that he knows that his 'parents' (Troll & me) aren't abandoning him, he seems to be of the opinion that anything goes, and has relaxed into his usual confident self. I adore my critters.

    Who are the Moving Gods, anyway? Does anyone know their names?

    Beyond the usual aches and pains that a move inevitably brings (which have been severe, both because of the heat and the moving from upper floors to upper floors), we've had a couple of near-misses of major proportion. My legs (being already somewhat problematic from my fall back in February) have been quite the issue. Jeebee got spooked and launched himself from my lap in a panic, leaving some nice, painfully deep marks across my left shin. The home-cobbled cart that we've been using (which is fairly heavy) to move stuff fell down/across my achilles tendon...for a few minutes I feared that I wouldn't be able to walk (fortunately, it didn't strike as deeply or as hard as I'd first feared...I'm okay now, with the exception of a lovely bruised scrape across my ankle. It itches.). I'm apparently low in iron at the moment, which has been causing some...other aches & pains to be very severe. The Troll has also suffered an assortment of wounds (including a heat rash across his shoulders & neck, ugh!)...I'm happy to say that we're both recuperating nicely, though.

    We have yet to finish the last bits of moving (IE, the cleanup, spackling, repair-type stuff), though exhaustion, heat & discomfort and scheduling mean that we will probably not be able to get to it until this weekend. Meanwhile, we do what we can daily to make home, home. It'll take awhile, surely...but I'm confident that it will be entirely worth the time and effort made.

    I didn't realize until now how unhome I was where I was living before. The contrast is astounding. Here there is privacy; I hadn't realized how much of that I had given up until I had it again! Troll and I have chosen some lovely kitchenwares to innaugurate the new household. It's amazing how fulfilling matching dishes and flatware can be (this is not a girly moment, either. Troll feels the same. On second thought, maybe we're both having a girly moment.)!

    The entire apartment has stabilized at a delicious 72-74 degrees, we've cooked and eaten our first meals here, the kitties are settled in. We're still moving stuff up to the attic, still rummaging through boxes for needed items (the recharger for Troll's cellphone has yet to be found, as have a few other key items), still deciding how to arrange stuff...but it's starting to come together very nicely. I think that we'll be very, very happy here.

My humblest apologies to the friends and family that I've neglected during this upheaval. You should know that I appreciate your unflagging support during this bizarre and stressful time, despite my being unable to reach out to you. Y'all know who you are, and know that I love ya.
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