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Monday Update

It was a busy weekend! Folks who've asked me to interview, please be patient for a day or two. One good thing about packing is that it gives me plenty of brain-time to think of good questions. I'll try to have them all out to y'all by Wednesday evening.

The Troll & I continued packing, and started taking down the loft. We didn't get as far as we'd have liked on that project, but it can probably be finished throughout the week.

Got a ton of other stuff done, though! The bathroom is almost entirely done. We've packed down to what we're calling our 'transitional toiletries'...a plastic drawer-stack of necessary items to get us through the move, but allowing us to pack everything else. This week will see the start of packing up the cubes in Troll's bedroom, and likely his 'living room' will get started as well.

Still no firm word on where we'll be moving to, but I'm certain that will resolve itself soon. My main goal right now is to have all of our stuff ready to go, the instant we sign a lease. Or at least, as soon thereafter as I can manage.

As well as having re-tweaked my knee while packing boxes of books last week, am having another brush with a persistent (though fairly minor) health issue. The Universe With The Evil Sense Of Humor stepped in yesterday, after I mentioned to Troll that of all the illnesses I've dealt with, this is the worst(in terms of discomfort)..."even worse than migraines".

Heh. I promptly (within a few hours) got to compare the two side-by-side, as it were. Me & my big mouth. I'm taking it easy today, what with the migraine-hangover and assorted home treatment of the other issue. Not having insurance sucks, royally, may I say. If it doesn't work itself out in a couple of days, I'll be on my way to see a doc. Feh.

Last night I finally watched the movie Tremors for the first time. It was fun...though the version of it that I dreamed last night was even better. *My* version had a great soundtrack, including a closing credits song by kd lang. One that incidentally doesn't exist, to my knowledge. I do that a lot, dreaming music...I just wish that I had a way to record it. I actually dreamed a musical Buffy episode about 2 years before the real one occurred. No, they were nothing alike.

My little cat, Jeebling, has been a lap-baby all day. Banzai's been moping quietly. Man, I love my cat-critters!

Oh! And I have jury duty Wednesday...my first ever! I hope I get picked for something interesting...
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