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Name interpretation


Literal meaning
"Christ, get that thing away from me."

Famously confined to the Scottish Highlands, then to prison, then to bed as the baleful influence of Halley's Comet was felt sharply among those distracted from their dangerous work to stare at the sky, the name Raaven was originally used trendily to refer to the dead, before evil spread across the land like some big evil butter.

Famous Raavens
1. Raaven S'Ess-Toot, reputedly trapped for eighteen days under a fallen monument to the world's sturdiest box;
2. Raaven U Sprokes, indifferent to some thing or other;
3. Raaven O'Chinly ("The Reasonably Broadly Educated"), belittler of quicklime dental cleanser; ghost-writer of Albert Pierrepoint's offensively illustrated autobiography, YES, I THOUGHT I WAS DEAD TOO;
4. Raaven Jesus-Dindymene, who's never forgotten the concept of acceptable losses;
5. Inspector Raaven Frewsy, exposed in the press as having swapped a child for the self-aware cartoon strip;
6. I Am Raaven Oaf, opponent of a creature from the id;
7. Judge Raaven Lilly Li, MA, MD ("The Terrible"), champion of the constellation of Pleiades; ghost-writer of Peter Lawford's generally tolerated autobiography, I LOVE MY FROG!;
8. Raaven S Ach, proponent of a slightly famous TV chef whom they saw looking at cardigans in Woolworth's one time; first holder of the office of King High Wizard Of Ipswich;
9. Raaven Smmith ("The Blue"), haunted by an image of the everlasting trouser; first holder of the office of Country's Most Secret Spy;
10. Raaven Grating, once saved by paroxysms of fright; first holder of the office of High Scowler.

Typical Raaven motto

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(gleefully swiped from lysana)
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