a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

soundtrack: kate bush, the hounds of love

apparently, my fear of falling deeply in love is very much akin to my fear of flying.

i had a dream this morning,

i was a part of a huge traveling fair of folks who went around to different towns setting up information booths for their various causes. there were youth groups, religious groups, religious youth groups, sports and politically oriented groups, etc, all setting up booths for this giant fair.

and while in one of the common areas of the fair staff, i met a woman. she was a part of some very strict religious group, and mistook me at first for a member of another religious group, because i was wearing a blanket wrapped around me. we hit it off immediately, despite our different affiliations, and we kept finding reasons and places to meet & hang out.

it began to occur to me that i was falling in love with her. i could feel it, tangibly, the hollow, clearing-out feeling of all my internal organs disappearing...the required focus on breathing so i didn't hyperventilate, the dropping away of my lower body. which in retrospect is very much like the feeling i get when a plane takes off and i'm on it. one of the two friends who helped snuggle me awake this morning assures me that both can be managed with the proper medications.

anyway, eventually we both realized that we were in love, and we left the fair together, to travel the world. she became some sort of celebrity (we were often in crowds of people, with flashbulbs going off), and i was a part of her entourage. there was, at one point, an ugly confrontation/attempted kidnapping/attempted killing by the male components of her previous family/religious affiliation, but that was foiled, and the trauma faded with time. in the last bit of my dream, i was swimming in the ocean with a dog (coincidentally the dog was maggie, who in real-live belong(s)(ed) to telvi(one of my ex's). i was watching my love's plane take off overhead, going to her latest thing.

moments later parts of the plane started falling around me, plunging into the ocean & bobbing back up in unexpected places. i climbed up onto a floating piece of the plane, hauled maggie onto another, & started paddling toward the front piece of the plane, which i could see bobbing in the water a short distance away. my love & her immediate group were there, safe, and i could hear my cell phone ringing as she tried to call me. this was, of course, the alarm going off, and now i must leave off dreaming & head out for the brunch it was calling me to.
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