a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Still 'live, with Vile Excretions

My kleenexes have become works of art in and of themselves. More detail would undoubtedly be TMI, but use your imaginations.

Yes, I'm still sick. While I'm feeling much, much better than I was on say...Friday or Saturday, I'm still pretty exhausted, still trying to clear some nasty stuff from my sinuses and throat, and still living on my Godzilla Soup

The first rule for Godzilla Soup is to have been very ill already...and in the recovery stage. You're in the kitchen, finally able to contemplate actually cooking some food, and you want soup. You also need to be in a "Kill All Germs", vendetta state of mind.

Mine started with slabs of fresh ginger and many hunks of garlic, sauteeing in butter in the bottom of a large stock pot. This was around 2pm, Monday.

Then I added a couple of large chopped onions. Then a couple of chopped carrots. Then three boxes of Trader Joe's Free Range Chicken Broth. Half a cup or so of lemon juice. Some cracked pepper and rosemary.

Then I let it heat for a bit, stirring...while I contemplated what else to put in.

steanne offered to go to the store for the celery and fresh parsley I was wishing for. While she was gone, I added chili powder, cayenne and a couple of chicken breasts. Then some little dried white beans. A box of frozen spinach. Nutmeg. I left it all on a very low simmer, and went back to bed.

gregortroll was gracious enough to go downstairs after steanne came back, and dice up the celery and parsley and throw it in. A nap ensued.

Around 5pm, I woke again, went downstairs to check on the soup. Added some wild rice and a little water. Back upstairs, for a little TV watching.

Around 8, we decided that the soup was ready. It's been my primary source of food ever since., apple juice (to thin the Vile Excretions), whiskey (to minimize the coughing) and lots of water.

Sleeping a LOT.

I hope ya'll have avoided getting this lovely little illness.
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