a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Meme-ing while sick and cranky

(via elionwyr)

My username means: Well, it's a derivative of the word raven, which means big smartass blackbird. Given the odd spelling, I guess you could say "raven with a twist", which of course translates to "twisted big smartass blackbird". Given that I'm not especially big, not especially a smartass (though I'm feeling like one at the moment), not black nor birdlike, the user name is, in the final analysis, just my unimaginative choice to use my daily use-name as a user-name.

I'm from: I hate this question. I was born in Anaheim, grew up in rural Missouri, lived in several east-coast states and have spent the longest period of my adult life (in so many senses of the words) in Tucson, Arizona. Was living in New York for awhile (including 9-11).

I live in (or am moving to): Philadelphia, PA. The dreaded West Philly section.

Committed/single/looking: Hrmph. That's another question I hate. Too complicated to get into here. Most of you probably don't really want to hear my rant(s) on relationships and the myriad of horrific assumptions in the above question-y thing, and I'm not feeling like a repeat at the moment, anyway.

Did I mention that I'm sick, and therefore cranky?

I want: everything. on a silver platter. and a side of sour cream. right NOW, dammit!

Ahem. Seriously? To be independently wealthy. Hopefully that would mean that I'd have all the cool people in my life that I currently have, and not be constrained by economic need in my life-choices.

For dessert today, I'd like: I'm sick at the moment, so am feeling remarkably un-food-ish. Last night's ice cream was easy on the throat, though.

I'd like to recommend this user /community/RSS feed: Um. Depends on what you like. For biting witticism, see cmpriest or grifyn. For honest-to-goodness journal writing, along with a fascinating array of links and info, see elionwyr, epilady, azurelunatic, lysana, the list just goes on and on. Damn, enough of this nonsense...everyone on my friends list is good reading, depending on what you're in the mood for.

And everyone should read Boing Boing, whether via LJ RSS feed or independently.

I'd also like to say that: I really, really hate being sick. I'm also really, really glad that there are enough cool people in the world in general (and LJ specifically) that my reading list is often daunting to me.
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