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Weekend update

Though this weekend wasn't as productive as last, gregortroll and I still managed to get quite a lot done. Friday night we built cubes (those handy coated-wire, snap-together storage units) in preparation for building a table/desk in my room, and for installing a set on the wall on top of the loft.

Then we zip-tied them together, for sturdiness. I took a few extra panels and divided some of my already-deployed crates into smaller spaces (with more zip-ties. I love zip ties). All this was Friday night.

Saturday, we got up around 11:30, ready to get lots done. We debated a few minutes about breakfast, and finally went across the street to the market to get ingredients. Made and ate breakfast.

Made a list. Actually, re-made the sort of continuous, on-going list that we've been using to get stuff done. Debated the best way and order of things to be done.

Decided I needed a nap.

Gregor went downstairs to do dishes, estimating that it would take about an hour...plenty of time for my nap.

Two hours later, I woke up and wandered down to the kitchen.

Gregor was still elbow-deep in dishes, poor thing. So I pitched in and helped him finish up, and we continued the ever-continuous laundry process, and came back upstairs around 11:00pm. I folded clothes, he puttered about the room doing small, reasonably quiet stuff (we not only have roommates, but live in one of Philly's old twinset houses). Decided we'd get serious work done the next day.

Woke around 10:30 on Sunday. Immediately got the news that ratphooey and tssandwich probably got the house they'd been looking at.

This required (obviously) a celebratory breakfast date. We got to hear all about the house (which sounds delightful; I can hardly wait to see it in person!) and after breakfast picked up and looked at actual photos! While Rat & I wandered around the drugstore, waiting for photos, Gregor & Sandwich hit the used book store (The Last Word) next door. To my delight, Gregor came out with a gift for me! And here I was, waiting for the paperback to come out...what a sweetie!

Anyway, the boys wanted to go off to their respective homes while Rat & I went to Trader Joe's. So we dropped them off and away we went...stopping at our favorite bakery, Miel, on the way. I got a delicious foccacia, and a preserve made of figs, red wine and sour cherries (which is amazing, and I cannot wait to use)...plus a goodie for each of the housemates.

Rat & I often shop together, and it's always great fun. This was no exception. Afterward, we stopped of at Petsmart, then at Rat & Sandwich's to drop their groceries, switch cars & snag Sandwich. Back to the House of Five Cats, where a pleasant time was had putting stuff away, showing and looking at house pictures, building the latest quiche (pizza quiche, at Gregor's request/challenge: chicken sausage w/sun-dried tomatoes and basil, black olives, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and appropriate spices...and crustless, as I've been making all my quiche lately).

Rat & Sandwich headed off home; Gregor and I finished the quiche & popped it in the oven, then reheated some of my Mongolian Beef Stew (leftover Mongolian and Kung Pao Beefs from the chinese place across the way, chunks of stew beef, potatoes, carrots and onion, a little red wine, some soy sauce and a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter--spicy and incredible stuff!) for dinner & headed up to my room.

Gregor had been doing his best to accomplish more stuff (and got quite a few things done) while I was off shopping, but he's recently injured his back, and it was causing particular pain yesterday. So after dinner & a little teevee, I herded him up the stairs and into a warm bath with assorted mineral salts in, to soothe the aching.

While we didn't get as much done this weekend as intended, we had a wonderful, warm time doing it. All good.
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