a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

max is dead.

and what a sudden, horrible shock!

okay, so the series hasn't been doing so well this year, that's no secret. i'm thinking it probably won't be renewed for a 4th season...which is sad. it's been a good show. intelligent writing, good acting, complex storylines. good stuff.

so, last week, liz went away to boarding school, and maria went to new york, maybe for good. it made it even a surer guess that we were gonna start wrapping things up. this week's episode had liz settling into her new school, maria ditching the evil record label, etc....and then suddenly, practically out of nowhere, they kill off the MAIN character in the show. the king. and not just dead, mind you, but dead, and turned to dust, in a room full of burning chemicals.

i was convinced that it was the last episode in the series...until this morning, when i saw on the official site that there is at least one more new ep to air.

probably just a final wrap-up...how depressing.
Tags: tv
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